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Our mission is to ennoble mind and body through perpetual forward movement.


Ennobling Mind and Body Through Holism

At Genuine Healthcare of the Pacific Northwest, it is our mission to ennoble mind and body. We believe that every human being, regardless of their current life circumstance, is worthy of dignity and respect. We strive to reflect these beliefs by providing the highest standard of cutting edge, world class, psychophysiological health care.

Our practice focuses on our patients where we provide current and innovative mental health modalities that include Medication management, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Spravato esKetamine, and counseling therapies. In office appointments and telehealth services are available.

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS)

Take the Journey to the Life you Deserve!


Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) can transform your life, and has done so for many others.   Over 1 million treatments Nationwide, Covered by Insurance, Non-Invasive, FDA Approved, and ask about our Transportation Token. Watch the videos below to learn about dTMS!

Learn About TMS and Deep TMS

Hear testimonials of the transformations from TMS therapy for Major Medical Depression. Watch the videos below to learn:

  • How TMS works
  • The difference between TMS and Deep TMS
  • The benefits of this treatment

New Process Groups Starting Soon!

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Art Therapy Process Group
Chronic Illness Support Group for Young Adults

Deep TMS

The latest TMS technology to get you or a loved one back to living a joyful and productive life!

Mental Healthcare


Offering a wide-variety of services to support a healthy mind, spirit, and body. Learn more about the services we offer.


Accepting many insurance providers. We are happy to work with your insurance to pre-approve services!

Meet Harvey Hall

I am passionate about the psychiatric health of each patient and work to individualize a treatment plan that is patient-centered, and that utilizes the latest breakthroughs in both psychiatric and medicine in general. If there are new technology and science, it is my endeavor to seek out its merit and to clinically implement evidence-based interventions.

Trained as a family and psychiatric nurse practitioner. Master’s trained from the University of Cincinnati and Touro University; also have degrees from Pacific Lutheran University in Nursing and the University of Oklahoma. I have a background in military medicine and have served populations that have been diverse and underserved. I have also served in case management for Washington State DSHS, working with social workers and caregivers for and on behalf of foster children.

Read the note from Harvey Hall in response to the COVID-19 Crisis and Telehealth.


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At Genuine Healthcare, it is our mission to enoble mind and body.

We believe that every human being, regardless of their current life circumstance, is worthy of dignity and respect.