Hello Again. It’s been a while. You may not have seen me too often at the office like you used to. I can’t use the Covid excuse because that’s not the reason. I have been having a lot of bad hair days but that’s also not the reason. I took a mental health break. Some days you just need to take a break, and sometimes that break will be longer than a day.  It was important to take care of me, and that’s what I have been doing. I’ve been taking some walks in nature and also making more time reconnecting with close loved ones. Connection with nature, the fresh air and spending some quality time with those whom I know care about me and also need my attention have been a big boost in my energy level.

Did you know that Genuine Healthcare is going to start having some expressive arts group therapy sessions this summer? We’ll have new therapists join our organization who have many therapeutic gifts to share. I hope you’ll be able to participate in these special offerings. More especially, I hope to see you!

Eevee Hall