I know it’s been a while since you have heard from me but I am here now and hope to
bring you updates often about therapy. If you come to our office in Olympia on
Wednesdays, you’re most likely going to run into me. If you wish, you can pet me while
at your appointments. As a therapy dog, I have seen firsthand the powerful impact that
human and animal connections can have on mental health. While anxiety and
depression can often leave us feeling isolated and alone, connecting with others can
provide a sense of comfort, support, and belonging that can greatly improve our
emotional well-being.

Humans are social creatures by nature, and thrive on connection and interaction with
others. Building and maintaining relationships with family, friends, and even pets can
help us feel a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. Sharing our thoughts,
feelings, and experiences with others can also help to reduce feelings of anxiety and
depression, as we gain perspective and support from those around us.

Pets like me, in particular, have been shown to provide significant mental health
benefits to their owners (Harvey can vouch for that). Studies have found that spending
time with pets can reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression, and can even
lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones in the body. Whether it’s cuddling
with a dog, playing with a cat, or watching fish swim in an aquarium, the presence of a
beloved pet can have a calming and soothing effect on your mind and bodies. I
personally love giving and getting attention.

I just wanted to also share with you that I have a pal cat name Bimbim. He also thinks
I’m his pal pet as well. I love our connection as pals. I like telling him about my day at
the office and he seems to enjoy listening about it.