Hello! Tis I again, your dear pal Eevee! I know it’s been awhile since I posted a blog. I’m alive and well and thriving! I wanted to share with you how important it is to have a connection with others, especially ones that you can trust wholeheartedly. Though I have a human family that takes care of my needs and gives me lots of love, as well as a work family at Genuine Healthcare who adore me, I also have a few friends that I share this wonderful life with.

Here are some photos of me and my pal “Bim Bim”. Sometimes he’s called Bimmers. Yes, he is a cat but he is my number one pal that keeps me company and also horse plays around with me. Speaking of horses….

Did you know there’s something called Equine Therapy?

It’s  very special kind of mental health therapy with a horse that has helped many folks with their mental health challenges. Horses are magical animals that have a special healing energy when you’re brushing and taking care of them. Oh and there’s another therapy called Hippotherapy too! It’s not with Hippos but with Horses as well. It involve the therapeutic effects in riding a horse to help with physical stuff.  I  wonder if you can get the same effects by riding a Hippo. Probably not a safe thing to do.

Horses to me are just super big dogs. Everyone knows that dogs are some of the perfect therapy animals to have…And cats. I’ve seen Bim Bim use his magical powers to take a lot of stress away from my human family at home. They hold him and cuddle him like they do me. I can feel and see my human’s stressful face melt away into comfort and bliss.  It makes me smile and wag my tail. I sure like Bimmers! We animals have that power of connecting with you wonderful human beings and giving you love – a whole lot of it!