Last episode we read Eevee’s first attempt in writing her first blog for Genuine Healthcare (via her ghost writers). This is her first attempt in writing the stories of what we think goes on in her mind and what she would like to write if she could write about her adventures:  


It was like any other day. I would wake up, and go on walks. Pretty simple I’d say. Everyday I would do the same thing; over and over again. It would never cross my mind that the things I did were boring. I thought of everyday as an adventure! Waking up, and exploring the great wonders of sidewalks… chasing the deers that entered through my territory… Protecting my pack from the vicious squirrels that roamed the lawns… No rabbit, no fawn could outmatch that great guardian, Eevee. No matter what, wherever you will be… I, the great Eevee, will always be there to protect you. 

Eevee Hall