Eevee's Blog - with Harvey Hall 🤍

Eevee Celebrates Independence Day

Hopefully everyone had a great Independence Day! To be honest, it isn’t exactly my favorite holiday. I know the fourth of July is supposed to be a day to celebrate freedom... but every time it rolls around, I feel anything but free. Something about the big loud fireworks makes me feel so anxious, and no matter how many times my family tells me it will be okay - my body doesn’t really believe them. A lot of the time, my loved ones can calm me down and help me feel okay about things... But as...

Chronicles of Eevee

Last episode we read Eevee’s first attempt in writing her first blog for Genuine Healthcare (via her ghost writers). This is her first attempt in writing the stories of what we think goes on in her mind and what she would like to write if she could write about her adventures:     It was like any other day. I would wake up, and go on walks. Pretty simple I'd say. Everyday I would do the same thing; over and over again. It would never cross my mind that the things I did were boring. I...

Greetings from Eevee!

Hi everyone! My name’s Eevee and I’m the therapy dog for Genuine Healthcare. You may see me hanging around the office sometimes! Therapy dogs are trained to help when emotions become overwhelming and to provide different kinds of treatment-related assistance. I’ve been working hard on my certification, and I’m so excited to offer wonderfully adorable and fluffy support! But alas, I am still learning and may sometimes get excited or a little loud... If this happens, please be patient with me!...

A Note from Harvey Hall

Hello, I hope that all of you are healthy, practicing your social distancing and enjoying this extra home time with family.  I personally have found my time at home a great source of peace and joy, and noticing things that are happening to my family that I otherwise would not. While trying to practice social distancing, our practice has had the tremendous opportunity to increase the Telepsychiatry portion of our practice.  This has allowed our established and new patients to have their...

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