Meet the Team at Genuine Healthcare

Genuine Healthcare, PLLC, was established to be more than just a brick and mortar operation.

It was designed to engage in cutting-edge technology, science and holistic based psychiatric medicine and interventions.  We had in mind to be a comprehensive one-stop mental health entity that was targeted to provide the latest technology, science and holism, and to bring this to the mental health and wellness population that it would service.

Meet Our Staff!

Genuine Healthcare would not be Genuine Healthcare without the support and dedication of our staff.  Providing genuine, compassionate, and holistic care is foremost to mental health and wellness. Each one of our staff members exemplifies the special characteristic of genuineness that you expect in your care keeping.

Genuine Healthcare Team Photo

Meet Eevee, our therapy dog in training. Eevee is a Samoyed and is identified as a hypoallergenic breed. Eevee likes keeping our staff company in the office, barking for attention, long walks in the rain, reindeer, cats, and raw hide sticks (the stinkier, the better).



Psychiatric and Family Medicine ARNP

Our provider, Harvey Hall ARNP, trained in healthcare for over 30 years is committed to excellence in psychiatric care, and this is evidenced by the time spent in both the first appointment, as well as subsequent appointments, along with offering a broad array of services.  He is committed to taking care of those whom he shares stewardship with, and values each patient in their individual journey towards being their best self.

Harvey worked as an Army Medic in the 1980s; also worked in the following: Independent Medic, Emergency Medical Technician, trained as a Physician Assistant, supervised two Emergency Departments, included the Army’s busiest Emergency Department, Behavioral Case Manager for those with PTSD and depression, Interventional Pain Management Practitioner, Veteran Compensation and Pension Examiner for VA Contractor, and extensive work as a solo provider in inpatient psychiatry for seriously mentally ill patients.


Erin Loether, ARNP

Erin Loether, ARNP

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Erin is a board certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner licensed in Washington State. She earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Washington State University and my Bachelors of science in nursing from the university of Missouri. 

She can assess, dx and treat a variety of mental health conditions through evidenced based medication management and brief solution focused therapeutic support. 

She uses an individualized collaborative approach to care. Over the past 6 years, her focus has been working with adolescents in an acute care setting. She will be expanding to treating children, adolescents as well as adults. Currently, Erin takes patients 15+.



Psych Nurse Practitioner

Edie’s duties at Genuine Healthcare; include but not limited to, working with every patient on an individual-based approach to meet their desired goals. Edie is compassionate about mental health and evidence-based approach while embracing patient views and approaches that promote wellness. As a student at Genuine Healthcare, she admired the group’s dedication to quality patient care and wanted to be a part of the team. One of her goals is to engage in therapeutic interactions with our patients, and to work in harmony with everyone.

Edie has worked as a registered nurse (RN, BSN) for more than a decade, mostly in the neonatal intensive care and pediatric specialty. She became a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) in June 2018 and board-certified in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) in May 2022. During her few years as a nurse practitioner (or Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner, ARNP) she has engaged in working with underserved populations.

Edie believes that our mental health impacts our physical; as well as. spiritual and emotional health. She could not separate these components while working with patients and families. Throughout her nursing profession, she has learned a lot from her co-workers, patients, and families. She has observed better patient outcomes with this approach. Together we are strong; together we are united.

Nancy - MN, ARNP

Nancy - MN, ARNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner ARNP

Specialty: Psychiatry, Geriatrics
Board Certification: American Nursing Certification
Other Certifications: Geriatric Mental Health Specialist
University of Washington, Master’s of Nursing l Completed 2004

Nancy was born in Germany to American parents, stationed overseas for military service. She traveled the world with her parents throughout her life to her late teenage years. Nancy completed her certification as a Licensed Practical Nurse then continued on to complete her Associates of Nursing through South Puget Sound Community College in 1992. She continued her education to include a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. During this time, she worked at Western State Hospital while continuing her education to complete a certification in Geriatric Mental Health. In 2004, Nancy completed her Master’s degree at the University of Washington, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. After graduation, she continued to work with the elderly and severely mentally ill. She spent her years working in Psychiatric home health and outpatient services. Her interests include chronic mental health and geriatrics. She remains committed to the evaluation and treatment of both mental health in adults of all ages. Nancy has lived in Washington state with her husband and children for the majority of her life. She enjoys travel, cooking, crafts, and spending time with her family and friends.

Elda - LMHC-A

Elda - LMHC-A


Hello,  I am a mental health therapist who provides both individual counseling and group therapy services for all ages. I am a graduate from Saint Martin’s University MAC (Masters in Counseling) program. I am also a mother, grandmother, and spouse. I served in the military for over 26 years after graduating high school and I am incredibly grateful to have shared that portion of my life’s journey with many others.

My modalities in the Counseling Therapy field include but are not limited to: Body Mind Bridge Hypnotherapy; Career Counseling; Cognitive Behavior Therapy;  Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Solutions Focus Therapy; Expressive Arts therapy; Imago Therapy; and Play Therapy.

A few of my favorite quotes are:

“The universe is not going to see someone like you again in the entire history of creation”  – Vartan Gregorian

“Imaginary obstacles are insurmountable. Real ones aren’t”- Barbara Sher

“Give at least the 1% effort. It has magic and it is forward moving to where one hopes to be”- Anonymous

I look forward to serving and helping you wherever I can in your life’s journey.



Nurse Administrator

Emily has been working as a nurse for eight years and has a passion for quality patient care. Her expertise, compassionate care, and cheerful spirit provides wholeness to the Genuine Healthcare team and environment.

The time and attention she gives to both patients and staff is uplifting and healing. When not at work, she likes to be outdoors, travel, and spend time with her husband and two dogs, Zoey and Mila.



Billing Manager

Marie comes to Genuine Healthcare with over 10 years of experience in the medical billing field.  She enjoys working as a team to provide great patient care. Marie not only serves as our billing manager but also provides great care and attention to both our in office and tele-psych clients.

Marie enjoys cooking, the outdoors, and spending time with family and her three dogs.

Lindsey - MSHR, MAOL

Lindsey - MSHR, MAOL

Operations Officer

Lindsey came to Genuine Healthcare in a time of transition and has taken on different roles as needed for growth and expansion. Currently, she spends the majority of her time assisting patients with coordination of their scheduling. In addition, she manages the providers marketing via provider outreach platforms; such as, Psychology Today. She also is responsible for developing connections and relationships with local and statewide agencies whose patients may need the services of our providers, as they transition into wellness.

While not at work, Lindsey enjoys time spent with her 4 grandchildren. She also loves food (Mexican is her favorite), warm weather, and traveling to sunny destinations. Lindsey believes that we are all in a healing process and we should be loved and accepted for who we are. She seeks to understand where people are coming from, so that she can apply sympathy and empathy appropriately.



Facilities and Building Manager

Ornan ensures the security and orderly maintenance of Genuine Healthcare grounds, offices, and property. He was greatly instrumental in the renovations made to our facility. When you come in to the Genuine Healthcare building and feel that inviting and welcoming warmth, he is the person to thank for it.

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At Genuine Healthcare, it is our mission to enoble mind and body.

We believe that every human being, regardless of their current life circumstance, is worthy of dignity and respect.